Product Design + Branding + Innovation Strategy



I am passionate about making a peaceful, harmonious, sustainable world through the combined power of design, technology, and business. I am a researcher, trainer, creative strategist and designer in creative thinking frameworks and apply them for creating innovation in design, tech, and business.

Creative thinking is a foundation of innovation and I have been training people and organizations to help them equip with practical creative thinking frameworks.

Below items are my area of expertise:
• Creative Strategy
• Design Thinking
• Digital Product Design / Strategy
• Business Model Design
• Learning Experience Design (Ed-tech)
• Service Design
• Branding / Creative Direction
• Creative Thinking Coach

I love designing and facilitating co-working workshops to help teams and clients to think creatively and critically to bring a vision into strategy, strategy into tangible ideas, ideas into prototypes, prototypes into real products/services.

Since 2014, I have been running a creative thinking training & innovation consulting business at CreativeGym

デザイン、テクノロジー、教育、ビジネスの力で世界にサスティナブルで、ハーモニーのある平和な社会を築きあげたい!と考え、過去20年 ロスアンゼルスとニューヨークをベースに活動しています。

具合的には、イノベーション/デザイン戦略、ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン、サービスデザイン、クリエイティブシンキング、教育デザイン、ブランディングといった領域で仕事をしています。過去には、Amplify EducationProjectEdを通し、教育テクノロジーに長く関わってきました。現在は、CreativeGymを通し、クリエイティブ・シンキングトレーニング、イノベーションコンサルティングの事業を運営しています。



resume is available upon request.