I am an Innovation Strategist, Experience Design Director (both digital and physical) based in New York City. Through my experience in design, strategy, and business, I deliver from high-level strategy (in innovation/business model/service design/user experience strategy) to all the way to hands-on design execution.

I am an experienced workshop facilitator and practitioner of design thinking, design sprint, and other creative thinking frameworks. I help people to identify human biases and practically breakthrough those biases to seek innovation.

I have been designing digital products since 1997, with additional experience in creative direction, print design, and environmental graphic design.

I have working experiences in design agencies, tech start-up company, design&tech consultancy as well as entrepreneur experience by running my own design & innovation consulting business as well as creative thinking training business.

I run a design and innovation consulting business : creativity is everywhere 
and creative thinking training business CreativeGym

過去16年 ニューヨークをベースに、イノベーション/デザイン戦略、ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン、サービスデザイン、クリエイティブシンキング、教育デザイン、ブランディングといった領域で仕事をしています。過去には、Amplify, ProjectEdを通し、教育テクノロジーに精通。現在は、creativity is everywhere (デザイン&イノベーションコンサルティング事業) 並びにCreativeGym (クリエイティブ・シンキング トレーニング事業)を運営しています。



resume is available upon request.