Northeast Innovative Design approach creativity is everywhere to visualize their app concept into wireframe as well as digital prototype for their testing.

My Role

I served as a main UX director and designer to conduct workshops with clients, build UX strategy, design interface and brand the product.

UX Challenge

How might we enable users to easily create and invite social events and manage them all in one app?

This was our main challenge for entire usability of the app. And I set out our journey of designing many features including public event listing, personal event creation, calendar and friends list.


I conducted many co-creating workshop sessions with a client to map out journey map (existing), define persona, build new experience as a journey map. Based on that I created wireframes and interaction experience flow as shown below.


Life can be complicated, but creating plans and sharing memories shouldn't be. Chumm allows you to create, share, and coordinate social get-togethers with friends. Whether it's planned or spontaneous with new or existing friends; make every occasion the kind you'll never forget. Start chummin’ today!

Use Chumm to:

  • Simply create and send private or public daily social invites or “chumms” to friends

  • *Whether you’re planning a lunch, walk in the park, or night out with friends; Chumm makes your social planning experiences easy and fun!

  • Effortlessly view your friends’ public chumms and important invite details!

  • Avoid the hassle and annoyance of group text messaging!

  • See what your friends are doing and never miss out on social activities again!


Based on client’s research on target audience, I helped define few persona to help guide our design process.

user journey map

I conducted design research on target audience and map out existing experience of planning event, inviting friends, during events, after events on the user journey map.

We identified few pain points mainly during event planning and after event experience.

Interaction Design Flow

Product Branding

I also directed product branding and design. The product name “Chumm” originated from the word “Chum.”

Chum means to accompany, and fish cut into pieces and scattered in the water to attract game fish to a fishing area.

I used a fish hook as an inspiration for the logo design.


Invitation Animation Design


Icons for UI


Login Screen


Event Detail and RESPONDING TO Invitation


Creating my personal event



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