Declare yourself Quest | Learning Experience design

The fate of a nation is put in the hands of the students in this Quest about the Declaration of Independence. The Declare Yourself! Quest is intended to pose the same question to students as that which confronted the Second Continental Congress: Should we sign this declaration or not? To find the answer, students have the opportunity to adopt the identities of various delegates from the Second Continental Congress. Through the course of the lesson, students assume each delegate’s position on the debate and try to win over their opponents using evidence, argument, and teamwork. In this Quest, students work independently and in small groups to create well-formulated positions from an ample selection of primary source documents. Students must defend their opinions in front of the class with opinion pieces intended to recreate the energetic debates from the time period of the American Revolution.

Declare Yourself Introduction movie

Declare Yourself Quest App Final Design



Takao Umehara, UX/UI Strategy & Design
Jean Pierre Dillard, Chris Kalb: Character Design
Sooji Han: Graphic Design
Chris Leathers: 3D Character Design, Final UI element 3D modeling
Chris Compton, Nicco Moretti: Content Authoring, Lesson Guide, Overall Concept
Nicole Stein, Dan Russo, Te Yi Liu, Eli Burmin, Beth Goebel : Engineering
Robin Yeung: Project Management