WORKSPACE experience design & strategy




Due to increasing number of employees at Cambridge, MA, Amplify sought to open up new office space.

My role

I solely led entire effort for design research and work space design strategy, then worked with an architect office to develop the final design direction. I focused on using service design / user experience design frameworks such as conducting interviews, space usage analysis, journey mapping, space design taxonomy, etc.

experience design CHALLENGE

With limited space constraints, work space needed to adapt a various working mode for staff members who use the space from presentation, independent focused working, working away from desk, semi-privacy working and group collaboration.



Phase 1: design Research / Learning how people use space

We interviewed more than 30 employees to learn how they use the existing work space, and also learned various usage and purpose of each space throughout the day. This research gave me

phase 2: applying branding into space design

Then, I studied the brand guideline and define space design strategy that speaks the cohesive message as a brand


We studied various space design strategy from Evan McIntosh, O+A Architect and a book “MAKE SPACE” by Stanford d-school, and build into our work space strategy.

phase 4: WORK SPACE Experience DESIGN strategy

Based on design research, space branding, space design strategy, I designed a proposal with below key features.

  • provide private / semi-private space

  • open large staircase space for multi-use/collaboration space


The final space provides 7 spaces (by Evan McIntosh)

  1. Secret Space

  2. Group Space

  3. Publishing Space:

  4. Performing Space

  5. Participation Space

  6. Data Space

  7. Watching Space


Compare to the old office, the new space enabled people to work with better comfort and enabled collaboration.

“I now look forward going to the office everyday. Thank you for designing such a great space” - a male employee

Lesson Learned

Due to budget constraint, we weren’t able to implement every single strategy I proposed, including the large stair case. However, the new space actualized significant improvement for work experience. It is also important to find a right balance between directly translate branding into the space.