Tokyo based HAIR SALON KItadoko
BuSINESS & Brand innovation

CreativeGym (Takao Umehara) worked together with the CEO and his chief of staff of Kitadoko, highly successful Tokyo-based hair salon chain, to pursue innovation in their business. CreativeGym conducted intense 3-days Business Innovation Workshop and imagined new service design and brand direction.

Based on the new brand direction, CreativeGym later established a corporate brand guideline, making suggestions for interior design, designing a corporate logo, developing their typography, creating a mobile and desktop site.


Defining persona

Based on deep knowledge of customers, CEO and staff built a couple of persona so that team can utilize for the customer journey mapping and further innovation process.


Mapping out Customer journey

After we defined one persona, we mapped out her customer experience and spot bunch of pains. Based on those pains, opportunities emerged.

We then came up with solution ideas for improving the customer experience significantly.


USING a business model canvas plus

Understanding the business model is another important factor. We used business model canvas plus, CreativeGym’s version of canvas to understand existing business model.


seek innovation with a Business innovation tactics cards

We used a business innovation tactics cards (by CreativeGym) to innovate Kitadoko’s business model.


emerging a New business model

With the PIcto Business Modeling, a business model visualization tool, we came up with a brand new premium service model that would potentially change the entire Kitadoko’s business.


Redefining the brand

We figured out that Kitadoko’s core values for customers is not only in high quality hair style design service but also in the detail care of each customer.

Kitadoko assigns a personal hair stylist that delivers a total care for each customer through detail counseling, hair-care consulting, appropriate style rather than running after the trend.


searching for inspiration for the space design

As a part of our branding effort, we defined our space design language for Kitadoko’s salons through a mood board.


defining space design language

Based on inspiration, we defined a clear language for space design.


Designing a new corporate identity

Based on the new brand direction Kitadoko’s logo was designed to express these keywords: appropriate, approachable, feminine and reliable.


interior design

We collaborated with an interior design firm and implemented our brand direction.

Final Store Interior Design Implementation (Kitadoko’s Todai Store)

Final Store Interior Design Implementation (Kitadoko’s Todai Store)


kitadoko web & moble design

We art directed and designed the Kitadoko’s new website and mobile site with integration of reservation system.

shopcard and business card design

We then designed their shop card and business cards for all employees.


Takao Umehara: Creative Direction, Business Innovation Strategy, Brand Strategy & Design, Interior Design Direction