New service & product innovation workshop

Collaborating with Dentsu, the largest advertising agency, CreativeGym offered large scale innovation workshop for 120 business people from 11 different companies. Participants successfully generated large volumes of ideas, voted and we awarded winners for the quality of ideas.

Grouping people by the numbering tickets

For each table, we assigned about 10 or less people to collaborate for ideation session.

Activity: solve our daily challenge with yokai watch

We assigned each table with unique challenges and facilitated each group to generate unique ideas. Example: How would I “lose weight” by using Yokai Watch?

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 4.36.03 PM.png

Activity: collaborate with other companies with different industries

We then had people to forcefully combine elements of each company’s expertise, then mix with Yokai Watch theme. New thinking naturally emerged by making connection with unrelated items.