The Carnegie Foundation
Networked Improvement Learning and Support Platform (NILS)

As a lead designer for user experience for this project at, I led a development of the Networked Improvement Learning and Support (NILS™) platform by the Carnegie Foundation. This platform is to support social learning and improvement testing within networked improvement communities (NICs). NILS is an online platform designed to facilitate the initiation and development of NICs working on shared problems of practice in a disciplined manner. Its main goal is to promote social, organizational learning through curation and synthesis, as well as to disseminate tacit and explicit knowledge for improvement in education by moving much of what we currently do face-to-face in improvement practice into a virtual learning environment. Learn more at the Carnegie Foundation website.


Takao Umehara, Experience Design Strategy,  Lead UX/UI Design Direction (Phase 2 & 3)
Junko Bridgeston: UX/UI Design Direction (Phase 3)
Polina Soshkina: UX/UI Design Audit / Advisor
Allie Bogus: Project Management (Phase 2)
Melissa Kronsberg: Project Management (Phase 3)