Learning Experience design toolkit

Takao proposed and implemented a design strategic tool ‘Quest Method Card’ that enabled the ELA Quest team at Amplify to produce digital-physical blended learning experience faster. This set of cards are used to 1) communicate with people to get familiar with the overall idea of how each Quest experience works. 2) design new Quest experience more agile.

This Quest method card expresses bone structure of each Quest without making people get confused with themes such as Tom Sawyer, Edgar Allan Poe, etc. Thanks to this card, the ELA Quest team was able produce more Quest experience products and reduced the development time.

Quest used to spend 6 to 12 months to develop one Quest product, however, with the method card, the team produced new products in 3 months cycle. Takao conceptualized and crafted entire strategy and implementation of the Quest method card. 


Amplify Education

Takao Umehara: Design strategy and design