A Viking's Journey  ELA Learning Experience 

Based on the history of Viking age, ELA Quest team developed an immersive project-based learning experience for 3 and 4th-grade students. This learning experience is designed based on the history of Viking and students go through five days of experiencing roles as Vikings to return to the homeland, Scandinavia to settle down. The learning goal is to set to learn about Vikings and geographic relationship. It requires only one computer to run this Quest experience, and students do not use computers during this lesson. The experience incorporates physical resource cards with which students 'discover' resources within the classroom whenever they land to the new island. 


Final Design


Amplify Learning, ELA Quest Team

Takao Umehara, lead UX Direction and UI Design
Jean Pierre Dillard, Chris Kalb: Visual Design Direction, Overall Concept
Sooji Han: Graphic Design
Chris Leathers: 3D Modeling
Chris Compton, Nicco Moretti: Content Authoring, Lesson Guide, Overall Concept
Nicole Stein, Dan Russo, Te Yi Liu, Eli Burmin, Beth Goebel : Engineering
Robin Yeung: Project Management