XQ Canvas 
framework for high school innovation

Amplify Quest team was charged to come up with ideas for new tools and activities for XQ Superschool projects for people to go through high school re/design competition. Takao led ideation workshops and also led producing a new framework "XQ Canvas" for high school design team would iterate coming up with school concepts. 

Takao also led art direction of storyboarding an animation that introduces the XQ Canvas. 


XQ Canvas is consist of 14 sections and it enables a team to iterate their high school design concept.

XQ Canvas Introduction & download page

At XQInstitute.org, we promoted this tool and used the animation as a way to introduce this canvas. Numbers of high school design teams have downloaded this tool for their concept development.

Client: XQ Institute
Company: Amplify/ProjectEd

Takao Umehara, Jean Pierre Dillard, Chris Kalb, Sooji Han, Chris Leathers, Chris Compton, Nicco Moretti, Nicole Stein, Dan Russo, Te Yi Liu, Eli Burmin, Beth Goebel, Mayank Sheth, Robin Yeung