Takao Umehara
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Takao Umehara

BOOK “Materiality” 

This is an experimental project that Takao went through a journey of discovery about the meaning of ‘letters.’ Takao built a website for calling friends to participate physically mailing unique letters within two requirements (1: Your message should not be expressed in normal paper. 2: Your letter should not be put into a normal envelope.)

As Takao receive a bunch of unique “letters”, Takao started to discover that medium itself is a part of the message, or rather, the entire experience of mailing a letter, from choosing a medium (such as a paper) to putting in a mailbox, gives deep meaning to a letter itself. And its physicality or materiality speaks a lot in terms of creating an over-the-letter communication.

 Takao, then put together the entire journey in a book. As part of the book design process, he developed a hand-drawn three-dimensional font as well as a handwriting font.